Nurse Call Systems

Whether you are looking to install a new nurse-call system or add to an existing system, West Country Electrical can help. We can work with hospitals, care homes, clinics, and more to design and install reliable, bespoke call systems that ensure the safety of your patients and that meet the specific needs of your environment.
All our systems use the latest, high-tech units to ensure a quality system that will allow you to provide immediate assistance when necessary. Our systems are easy to use, indefinitely expandable, and are installed with as little disruption to staff, patients, and residents as possible. To find out more about how we can help you design a bespoke call system that suits you and your patients’ needs, get in touch with us today.

Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Through installing a highly reliable nurse call system, West Country Electrical can help care staff focus on delivering responsive, high-quality care to every resident. We can help you design and install a bespoke call system that meets the demands of your facility, and that gives residents the peace of mind that their needs will be seen to as quickly as possible. Our experts can also offer advice on how to improve or expand your current call system.


We are committed to helping healthcare providers deliver the best, most responsive care to their patients. Our team can work closely with public and private hospitals to design and install reliable, high-quality nurse call systems to help maximise staff efficiency and improve the overall quality of care. We can also help you improve or expand your current call system.

Types of Call Systems We Install

Our team can source, design, and install a wide variety of nurse call systems, including:

  • Conventional Systems: These allow residents and patients to call staff through pulling chords or pushing hardwired call buttons.
  • Wireless Systems: Offers the same functionality as conventional systems, but with no wiring, meaning minimal disruption to your premises.
  • Addressable Systems: These are designed specifically to suit your environment and the unique requirements of your end-users.
  • Panic Alarms: Allows carers and end-users to sound an alarm in an emergency.
  • Access Control and CCTV Systems: These systems allow carers to constantly monitor high-risk service users at all times if necessary.

No matter the size of your facility or the scale of your unique needs, West Country Electrical will provide you with a nurse call system sure to help you keep your residents and patients safe and comfortable.

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