Smoke and Fire Alarms

We know that having a properly functioning fire alarm is crucial in ensuring the safety of your family, as an improperly installed alarm can be rendered completely ineffective. As a result, West Country Electrical offers a comprehensive fire alarm installation, maintenance, and testing service to homeowners in Plymouth and Ivybridge to help you keep your home safe and ensure your compliance with the latest safety standards.
In addition to their extensive safety benefits, smoke alarms are also a legal requirement. We boast a wealth of experience in installing high-quality smoke alarm systems and take care to complete every installation in accordance with all the relevant fire safety regulations to ensure your full legal compliance. We can also carry out all the necessary tests and inspections to ensure your systems are always working perfectly. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


The most commonly installed domestic smoke alarms are powered through the mains electricity supply, either from its own dedicated circuit or a nearby lighting circuit, with a back-up battery to ensure they continue to work in the event of a power outage. These are known as Grade D and Grade E detection systems, with Grade F systems used for alarms powered exclusively by batteries.

At West Country Electrics, we can help you source, design, and install a safe, effective mains-powered or battery-powered smoke alarm system that will help you keep your home safe and give your family peace of mind. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with a personalised solution that suits your property, whether you are looking to upgrade your existing alarms or install new ones.

Maintenance and Testing

We can also carry out regular fire and smoke alarm maintenance and testing services to solve any issues that may arise and help you keep your alarms in full working order. All our in-depth maintenance and testing services are carried out in accordance with BS 5839-6 regulations, helping you ensure your continued compliance and safety.

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