Testing and Inspections

West Country Electrical can also carry out all the required inspections, including Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR), fixed wire testing, emergency lighting testing, and landlord electrical safety checks to guarantee optimal functioning of equipment and electrical systems. Working throughout Ivybridge, Plymouth, and surrounding areas, our electricians can carry out electrical testing and certification for commercial properties of all types and sizes.
Electrical testing and inspections should be performed at frequent intervals to determine the condition of current facilities and to detect possible faults, and to ensure they comply with the relevant legislation. Our experienced, reputable electricians will conduct these tests and inspections expertly at a frequency that best fits your requirements, and can also carry out repair work on any faults. Get in touch to book your inspections and tests today.

Periodic Inspection Reports

Electrical installations naturally deteriorate over time, which makes regular safety checks essential in avoiding any potential risks. West Country Electrical specialises in carrying out professional, in-depth periodic testing and inspections on all types of commercial installations, completing every investigation according to BS 7671 standards. Our comprehensive PIR testing includes the checking of:

  • The condition of the wiring system.
  • Electrical earthing and bonding.
  • Appliance and equipment serviceability.
  • Control and switchgear suitability.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Existence of and requirement for residual current devices.
  • Increased or changed pressure on the installation.

Following the inspection, we will provide you with an electrical installation condition report (EICR) stating the condition of your electrical installations. It will also detail the action that needs to be taken to rectify any unsatisfactory findings.

Fixed Wire Testing Services

To help your business ensure its legal and insurance compliance, we offer a detailed fixed wire testing and inspection service carried out by our highly experienced engineers according to BS 7671 standards. We can work on a wide variety of sites with simple and complex electrical installations, using our expertise to ensure all your wiring meets all the relevant legal and safety regulations. If any faults are found during the inspection, we can also carry out the necessary remedial work to rectify the problem.

Emergency Lighting Inspection and Testing

We can also carry out emergency lighting tests to help you keep your emergency lighting correctly charged and working efficiently. Our engineers will assess the locations of your emergency lighting to ensure they are in the best position and will test the switches, batteries, and all other essential components according to BS 5266 standards. We will carry out these inspections at a time and frequency that suits your business, and with as little disruption as possible.

Landlord Electrical Safety Checks

While there are no laws stating that landlords must carry out annual electrical safety checks, there are certain regulations that apply and electrical safety obligations that should be adhered to. Complying with these regulations is essential in avoiding fines, injury claims, and even imprisonment.

West Country Electrical has extensive experience in carrying out highly attentive electrical safety checks for landlords, working according to the latest BS 7671 standards. Our in-depth landlord electrical safety checks include:


  • Comprehensive visual safety inspections.
  • Annual and five-year periodic inspections to ensure continued compliance.
  • Remedial work to rectify any problems identified during inspection.
  • Recordkeeping.
  • Change of occupancy inspections to check for and rectify damage.

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